Introduction: Keitel Frankle

Hi everyone,

My name is Keitel, although listeners to the podcast will often hear me called by my more common name Kei. I am well aware however, that if you’re reading this without having listened to the pod that in your head you will now be pronouncing both variations of my name incorrectly and that’s okay. I forgive you.

I’m a first generation football fan and so, as a young child with no club allegiances I fell in love with the game of football first and then the old cannonball and chain of being an Arsenal fan came along next. Bad puns like that one come from my father but, like I mentioned, my love for Arsenal Football Club did not. That affiliation was a North London thing; it’s where I grew up and between the proximity of my home to Highbury stadium and fitting in at school with the rest of the Gooners that’s how it came to stick and I have the cannon tattoo to prove it.

So in this chicken and egg type scenario, whilst I long for the day when I can once again say that “Arsenal came 1st”, it was instead definitively football that came first and acted as my gateway to Arsenal.

As somebody who oversaturated themselves with the world of football as a child, my brain works differently.

Do not be intimidated by my beautiful mind or pity my burden of the thoughts that I have racing through my head such as having an excessively strong opinion on the unfulfilled potential that former Swansea City left back Neil Taylor had prior to his horrific leg break. I recently did a Wikipedia search of Laurent Robert to make sure that he did in fact make a handful of appearances for Derby County in the infamous 11 points season and that it wasn’t just all part of some COVID fueled fever dream I was having. This is my life.

It’s these sort of important questions I’ll be answering and the rabbit holes I’ll be exploring in my posts. You don’t have to take the pill but if you do I’ll be your guide.

Keitel Frankle

Co-Founder, United Mates Football Podcast

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