Introduction: Joe Alexander


My name is Joe and I’m the Co-Host of the United Mates Football Podcast.

Unsurprisingly, football forms a major part of my life so it’s been a great pleasure to be a part of this podcast, which will now also provide the opportunity for me to put my football opinions into writing.

Where to start? Luckily enough for me, I was born into a football-mad family. My Dad grew up as a Spurs fan, so there was never any doubt about who I would support. However, I’m also lucky that my Grandad on my Mum’s side was a former footballer and manager. Regrettably he played for Chelsea (a team I quite openly despise), but he also managed Bristol City, who I have a lot of affection for as a result.

It doesn’t stop there though. Having attended the University of Exeter, I spent many Saturdays at St James’ Park (the one in Exeter – I wasn’t making the 6 hour train journey up to Newcastle!), which brings me to the magic number of three; three teams I genuinely support. Greedy, I know.

Amazingly, there’s a chance that after years of all three teams missing out on their respective goals, this might finally be the year that Spurs win a trophy (Premier League, anyone?) and that both Bristol City and Exeter City can achieve respective promotions.

We’ll see what happens on that front, but for those who find themselves reading my articles, expect content about my three clubs, as well as many other football-related topics.

Here we go!

Joe Alexander


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