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The United Mates Keitel and Joe are joined by Greg Scott, a partner at the London based specialist international law firm, Memery Crystal. Greg has advised on the sale of a football club and a complicated transfer between Premier League clubs and he is also part of the “Our Beautiful Game” campaign along with the likes of Gary Neville, Denise Lewis and Lord Mervyn King.

On Greg becoming an Arsenal fan and his love for the club:

Greg’s father was actually a Tottenham fan, however when Greg showed a desire to support Leeds United (who were at the top of the league at the time) his dad advised him to pick another team rather be a glory hunter. It just so happens that Arsenal were second in the league so Greg chose them and the rest, as they say, is history . Greg is proud to be an Arsenal supporter; off the pitch he has very high praise for the club’s values and the charitable work that they do within the community. It’s aspects of Arsenal FC like this that Greg sees as the more permanent characteristics of a football club than simply the results on the pitch.

On the “Our Beautiful Game” campaign:

The Proposal is for legislation in Parliament that sets up a new regulatory body for football with the challenge of radically reforming the way our national game is governed. It should:

Be independent of the current structure of the game.
Decide on new ways of distributing funds to the wider game based on a funding formula and a fair levy payable by the EPL .
Set up a new and comprehensive licensing system for the professional game .
Review causes of financial stress in the EFL including parachute payments, solidarity payments, salary caps and mandatory relegation clauses in players’ contracts.
Implement governance reforms at the FA which are essential to ensure it is truly independent, diverse and representative of English football today. A fundamental reform of The FA Council would be an impressive start of this process.
Liaise with supporters’ organisations to progress issues that are of concern to fans including pricing of tickets and merchandise etc. and a greater voice for supporters .
Study lessons from abroad and seek to champion supporter involvement in the running of clubs.

On Greg’s past experiences of being involved in the legal side of football:

Greg advised on the 2016 sale of West Bromwich Albion Football Club by former owner Jeremy Peace to Chinese businessman Guochuan Lai. Greg also advised on the fallout of a high profile transfer between two Premier League clubs.

On Arsenal:

Thoughts and predictions for this weekend’s clash vs. Burnley at the Emirates Stadium . Greg’s opinion on the Özil situation and how it came to be so toxic for the club . Opinions on the job that Arteta has done so far and the work he needs to do to turn things around.

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