Episode 44 – with Abi Paterson

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The United Mates Keitel and Joe are joined by Abi Paterson, a radio and podcast producer for Muddy Knees Media, which for almost a year now has been part of The Athletic. We speak to Abi about her work in the world of football media, as well as discussing what she thinks about her team Arsenal and the wider topic of Women’s football too.


Abi recently shared a tweet by Ipswich Town in which they produced an image of the club crest without their famous horse mascot; this was in collaboration with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in an attempt to showcase what life might be like in a world without the animals we all love so much. On that note and given that Keitel’s first ever live Arsenal game was against Ipswich back at Highbury, today’s icebreaker for the group is “What is your favorite sporting mascot?”

Questions for Abi about Radio/Podcast Production and The Athletic:

Abi went to university with Joe and they met through student radio but Abi had harbored ambitions of working in radio and media production long before her time with Joe at Exeter’s Xpression FM.

Abi gives us the rundown on how her job has changed since Muddy Knee’s Media’s acquisition by The Athletic and long story short, it’s not a whole lot. However, Abi is thankful to now have access to The Athletic’s pool of specialist sports writers.

Abi produces a wide variety of content from podcasts about sports to ones aimed at young children. She lets us know the differences between what at what doesn’t fly on radio or podcasts depending on their target audiences.

Mo’ or No?:

Abi had the terrifying honor of speaking with José Mourinho during her time working for TalkSport. For a bit of fun Joe and Abi have to guess if the quotes that Kei has collected from down the years were said by Mourinho or other famous managers. Can you guess who said what?!

On Arsenal:

Keitel asks Abi which Arsenal player from their successful past she would slot into Mikel Arteta’s side today to fix the most problems. The Guys get Abi’s thoughts on this bizarre COVID season and how Arsenal have faired relatively, as well as discussing the current crop of youthful talent at the club like Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith-Rowe and others.

On Women’s Football:

The group consider the trajectory of women’s football in England and how it has been impacted by the pandemic. Abi explains what she prefers about Women’s football and what the men’s game might be able to learn from their counterparts.

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