Episode 40 – with YouTuber Max Fosh

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Max Fosh is a successful YouTuber, famous for videos such as crashing London Fashion Week as his alter-ego Maximus Bucharest, buying a roundabout, and attempting to get a job at Radio 1 by parking his car outside their studio with a mega CV printed on the roof! We speak to Max about his footballing memories from the past, which include playing football with Joe and Keitel, as well as finding out why he supports Chelsea FC.


Max Fosh made a series of videos in which he rated strangers’ meal deal choices… so Max and the rest of the guys name their ideal meal deasl!

About his Love for Football and his YouTube Career:

Max recalls some of his earliest footballing memories from his school days; funnily enough, Joe and Max went to school together and even once played in the same game against Keitel and John almost 15 years ago.

When Max was young his dad took him to a local match at QPR against Bury. Bury were beaten 4-0 and Max was gutted for them. Max was tempted to support QPR but his dad convinced him to go for a team that “would actually win things” so he became a Chelsea fan.

Max is a passionate football fan who has made some content related to the beautiful game, however he’s not a big fan of the polarizing nature of the rivalries within the sport and so that has been something which has made him reluctant to tread too far into football content territory. Football Twitter is especially unappealing according to Max.

Max thinks back to what his younger self would make of the path he’s managed to forge for himself in the world of content creation.

The “Maximus Bucharest” Game:

Max is popular for his character Maximus Bucharest but how much does he know about football in Bucharest and beyond? The group try to answer True or False questions about Romanian football.

Chelsea Chat:

The group talks Chelsea and Max reflects on how the club he supports has changed over time. Now that Lampard is out, Roman Abramovich is the closest remaining link between the Chelsea of Max’s childhood and the Chelsea of today but Max thinks that the billionaire owner isn’t seen as the high rolling splasher of cash that he once was when he first arrived in the Premier League in England.

On Tuchel, Max is already willing to accept that he’s just Roman’s next fall guy. Between Abramovich’s high standards, his impatience for success and the notoriously toxic player power culture at Chelsea, Max is sure that Tuchel’s spell will be relatively short but he’s hopeful that it will still be sweet.

Max weighs in with his opinion on the impact that the frequent turnover of managers at Chelsea has on the youngsters at the club. Given the instability in management, tactics and selection, the likes of Billy Gilmour, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Tammy Abraham, Reece James, Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori all face a new fight to prove themselves to the new manager. Max thinks that at least a few of them will rise to the top!

PUN-alty Shootout:

The group plays the PUN-alty shootout! Keitel has 10 questions/prompts and the answers are all players names and ultimately puns.

1. Megan Thee Stallion wrote a song about him and Rihanna has a lingerie line named after this ex-player turned pundit.
2. This high profile January transfer would also be a fitting name for a deodorant!
3. This player shares his name with both a Scottish term of endearment and also ½ of a famous American criminal couple.
4. A common mispronunciation of this disgraced ex-pro’s surname is the name of the penultimate Pokemon from the original 151.
5. This premier league full back is good at tracking wingers, but the IRS might have a difficult time tracking him…
6. Fill in the blank with the name of this baller that the streets won’t forget from the 2012/2013 Premier League Season. If you were introducing yourself to a stranger you might say “Nice to _____!”
7. This forgotten premier league flop shares his name with a popular Japanese noodle dish!
8. The first three words of this popular nursery rhyme have been replaced with the full name of one this premier league season’s recent stars… “_____ _____-____ your boat, gently down the stream…”
9. If cous-cous is the rice so nice they named it twice, this guy is the footballer who just didn’t quite live up to cous-cous… think deadline day transfers!
10. At the time of recording Burnley are facing Manchester City tomorrow and there’s a very high likelihood that we may well see these two legends of Christianity come up against each other on the pitch. Who are they?

Sandy Nun – Tearjerker:

This episode’s featured music comes from Sandy Nun. Enjoy his new single Tearjerker.

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