Episode 34 – Food and Football with Jason Quinn

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Jason Quinn is a TV Chef who currently runs Playground DTSA and the Dough Exchange, as well as having previously been the winner of The Great Food Truck Race. We talk to him about his love of Arsenal, and how he was potentially a dodgy lasagna away from nearly supporting their bitter rivals, Spurs. Featuring music by Earth to Eve.


Given Jason’s history on The Lime Truck and that he currently lives and works in Orange County, the guys ask him and each other about their favor sour candies/sweets!

On Jason’s Gateway to Supporting Arsenal:

Jason tells the story of how he discovered and came to love Arsenal; his wife describes him as “a couple of steps beyond die-hard”. Back in his school days Jason would play FIFA with his friends and didn’t yet have a team that he could call his own. That season the race for the top four in the Premier League was particularly close and Jason told himself that whichever team made it over the line into fourth place would be “his” team. That was the fabled “lasagna-gate” season and so on the same day that Arsenal said farewell to their iconic Highbury Stadium (and the same day that Tottenham threw away fourth place) Jason’s fate as a Gunner was sealed. How different things could have been for Jason…

On Jason’s Obsession with Arsenal Jerseys/Kits:

Chef Jason Quinn lives directly above his Santa Ana, California restaurant, Playground DTSA; the walls of the staircase leading up from the restaurant to his home are draped entirely with hundreds of Arsenal jerseys from down the years. Within this staircase-museum of vintage football kits Jason names his three favorite! 1. Bruised-Banana Ian Wright kit 2. 2011/2012 UCL away kit feat. “Henry #12” 3. 2005/2006 Farewell to Highbury retro kit

On the Rivalry with Spurs and the North London Derby:

Jason reflects on what the rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham means to him and in general what he loves about derby games in football compared to “rivalries” in American sports.

On the Current State of Arsenal FC:

Jason calls for clearer and more honest communication from the club when it comes to their plans for the future of the team. At the end of the day, the club’s stock has fallen greatly in the last decade and the time for excuses is over; Jason holds high standards across his endeavors and expects the same from his favorite team

Featured Music:

“Insomnia” by Earth to Eve

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