Episode 33 – The Magic of the FA Cup

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The United Mates Keitel and Joe are joined by old friends and regulars on the pod, Yoni and Billy, to reflect on the groups’ favourite FA Cup memories, play some trivia games and look ahead to this weekends’ third round fixtures!


On the subject of “Magic” the group name their favorite magicians and magic tricks!

Pick That One Out!:

The group play “Pick That One Out” and this time it was Joe’s turn to prepare the original commentary. The goals he describes are all from memorable third round games in the FA Cup.

FA Cup Memories/Awards:

Yoni hosts a mini award ceremony of FA Cup nostalgia in which the group name their respective choices for:
– Most Memorable non-footballing FA cup moment
– Favorite upset/shock
– Favorite FA cup goal
– Player that’s left the biggest stamp on the competition
– Single FA Cup moment you would change

The 140th FA Cup and the Tournament in General:

The group discuss the state of the modern-day FA Cup tournament and debate whether or not replays still serve a practical purpose, as well as if home ties should automatically be given to the lower ranked team.

Predictions are made for a game on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Fri: Aston Villa vs. Liverpool (“Aly Cissokho Derby”)
Sat: Norwich vs. Coventry (“James Maddison Derby”)
Sun: Exeter City vs. Sheffield Wednesday (“Kevin Nicholson Derby”)
Mon: Stockport vs. West Ham (The “Hatters vs. The “Hammers”)

PUN-alty Shootout:

Keitel hosts the “PUN-alty Shootout” to finish things off and the rest of the group have to guess the answers and fill in the blanks for FA Cup/Player Name related puns!

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