Episode 30 – Chidge

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The United Mates Keitel and Joe are joined by Stamford Chidge, the presenter of the wildly popular Chelsea Fancast, to hear about his love of the Blues and to predict the fortunes of Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal for this current season.

On the origin of Chidge’s affiliation with Chelsea:

Chidge’s dad was a Portsmouth fan and bizarrely took him to an FA cup game at Stamford Bridge to watch Southampton play, of all teams. Chidge fell in love with the stadium and became a more regular match goer during his time at University in London. Chidge fondly reflects on getting his dad tickets to the Chelsea vs. Portsmouth FA cup final in 2010; a game that Chelsea won but an occasion that Chidge was able to enjoy for deeper reasons having brought things full circle and repaid his father for getting a young Chidge into football in the first place.

On the evolution of Chelsea and the fans:

Both sides of the Roman Abramovich coin: Since Abramovich bought Chelsea their success on the pitch has been undeniable and this is a benchmark that Chidge and many Chelsea fans have embraced totally.. at the end of the day Chidge is a fan of winning football but not necessarily at all costs. Chidge misses the more realistic and patient perspective of Chelsea fans from the pre-Abramovich era. With so much success comes high expectations and between the money flying around today’s game and the meltdowns that ensue after a poor result, Chidge acknowledges that Chelsea have new and different issues, albeit not on necessarily on the pitch. The history of celery chucking: Chidge tells the story of Chelsea’s relationship with celery and throwing it.

Pick That One Out:

The group plays Pick That One Out, the game where they have to guess which memorable goal is being described from listening to some originally recorded commentary; this episode’s Chelsea related clips were provided by old friend of the show and Radio Rochdale DJ, Adam Sparrow.

Chelsea vs. Tottenham predictions + General Chelsea talk:

As this episode was recorded just prior to Chelsea and Tottenham’s 0-0 draw which happened on 29/11/20, the group make some brief predictions on the outcome. Chidge dissects the failed Chelsea careers of Kevin de Bruyne, Mohamed Salah and Romelu Lukaku. Chidge on Tariq Lamptey and why Chelsea were right to sell him with Reece James waiting in the wings.

“Is the Gallas Half Full or is the Gallas Half Empty?”:

In honor of William Gallas, the only player to have appeared for Chelsea, Tottenham AND Arsenal, the group ponder the fortunes of their respective teams for the rest of the season.

Keitel – Spurs 2nd, Chelsea 3rd and Arsenal 5th + FA cup
Joe – Spurs 1st-3rd + “at least 1 trophy”, Chelsea 4th and Arsenal 7th
Chidge – Chelsea 1st-4th + FA cup, Spurs 1st-4th, Arsenal Europa League spot

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