Episode 27 – Tim Richards

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The United Mates Keitel and Joe are joined by Tim Richards, lifelong Bayern fan, owner of Bavarian Tweets and host of the Super Bayern Podcast, to discuss the giants of German football and play some trivia games too!

“Pick That One Out!”

The guys play “Pick That One Out”, the game where the group has to guess which goal is being described by listening to some original commentary recorded by a member of the United Mates team. This time, friend of the show and Radio Rochdale DJ provided the Bayern related commentaries!

On Tim’s childhood and becoming a Bayern fan:

Tim’s dad fell into Bayern fandom in his youth and passed the new family tradition down to Tim when he was born. Travelling from England to Bayern Munich home games with his father at the Allianz Arena.

On tweeting, blogging and podcasting about Bayern and football:

Running Bavarian Tweets, a Twitter account with over 25,000 followers reporting on news, media, stats & insights about the FC Bayern München Team. Getting to dissect Bayern Munich on the Super Bayern Podcast with his fellow Bayern fans/friends. Writing about all things football for his website It’s About Football This Time.

On supporting Bayern, the superpower:

The joys of winning the league(Bundesliga) every season. Having the highest expectations of any fans in modern football. “Hansi” Flick, the mastermind behind Bayern’s new level of dominance. Rubbishing the terms “Der Klassiker” and “Die Mannschaft”. Reflecting on Bayern’s recent 3-2 victory over BVB Dortmund at Signal Iduna Park. Kei forces Tim to choose his favorite player from pairs of Bayern legends past and present.


Tim and Kei face off in “Politi-Goal”. In the wake of the 2020 American Presidential election, Joe has prepared a trivia game about mystery footballers who ended up in politics at one point or another!

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