Episode 26 – Dmitry Sitkovetsky

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The United Mates Keitel and Joe are joined by their old friend Yoni as well as musical maestro Dmitry Sitkovetsky to talk about the celebrated violinist’s life and his love affair with classical music and Chelsea FC.

On Dmitry’s childhood:

Being born into a family of musicians(His mother, Bella Davidovich, was a celebrated pianist and his father, Julian Sitkovetsky, was widely considered to be the best Soviet violinist of the 20th century). Supporting FC Torpedo Moscow. The shackles of being a brilliant mind and artist in Soviet Russia… a dream to break free.

On defecting from the U.S.S.R.:

Faking tendonitis and being hospitalized to avoid suspicion of his plan to one day escape. Passing up previous opportunities to defect so as not to ruin his mother’s career(sadly Dmitry’s father Julian passed away when Dima was only 3 years old). Moving to America and having to play with borrowed instruments. The beginning of a new life and the fulfillment of a lifelong calling to make music.

On his achievements and his life today:

Owning a 300 year old violin… yes, you read that correctly, 300 years old! Current Music Director of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra in North Carolina. Rearranged Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Directing the New European Strings Virtual Ensemble, a project which allows remote musicians spanning from Seattle to Moscow to be able to perform together in perfect harmony as an orchestra despite the coronavirus.

On his other love, Chelsea FC:

Matchdays at Stamford Bridge with fellow famous musicians. On Frank Lampard and relating to football families from Dmitry’s perspective of being a musical legacy himself. On Roman Abramovich his fellow Russian and why he’s happy to remain on the outside of the billionaire’s social circle.

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